Working with Urban Students

The Gateways to Science Careers program is motivated by a recognition that in order to improve access into science careers, students would need examples. Without examples of scientists it would be difficult for students to see themselves in such a role. The same applies to science teachers, without examples pathways are difficult to follow.

Improving Research

Although our primary goal is to offer training for future science educators, we also want to provide innovative research in urban STEM teaching. Collectively, the scholars at the Gateways to Science Careers Program are focused on modeling excellent research while simultaneously training future scholars.


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Alexis Fennoy

Hampton University

Alexis Fennoy is a sophomore Biology major at Hampton University where she is concentrating on Cellular and Molecular Biology, working on attaining a minor in Leadership Studies while participating in various organizations, such as the William R. Harvey Leadership Institute and the Golden Key National Honor Society. She spends most of her free time tutoring students in the Hampton University Assessment Center as well as students in the Educational Talent Search/TRIO Programs. Alexis was born and raised in the St. Louis Metropolitan area where she still resides with her mother, Shontae, and her younger sister, Eboni. After graduation, Alexis plans to obtain her PhD and perform research in various fields that will prepare her to own and operate a community clinic that utilizes pharmacogenomics to diagnose and treat patients. In addition to treating patients, Alexis plans for her clinic to serve as a training ground and nurturing facility where underprivileged youth can be exposed to STEM careers through tutoring and professional shadowing programs.

The 2012 Gateways Fellow

Kyle Buford

Hampton University

Chicago native, with an Army brat raising, I have lived in several places all around the country. Most recently I have taken residence at Hampton University, with the aspirations of going on to medical school afterwards. My ultimate goal is to become a pediatrician, and open up my own private practice. I am hoping this program could possibly shine some light on other possibilities for employment after college, specifically for young men of color. I look forward to working hard and learning as much as possible

Camylle Boxton

Hampton University

Camylle Cassaundra Boxton was born on February 18, 1993, in Hayward, California. She attended Mount Pleasant High School in the East Side Hills of San Jose, California. She went on to compete in and win the California State Track and Field Championships with the help of her elite teammates. Although running in college wasn't a part of her academic scholarship, she tried out for the team anyway, and it proved to be an opportunity of a lifetime. The women's track and field team at Hampton University were not only champions, they were family, and won cross country, indoor, and outdoor track and field championships making history, and were awarded a “triple-crown”. Because she is aware that success is best when you have people to share it with, she also applies this mindset in the classroom. With these many blessings and awards, she understands that it takes a team, and support to succeed, and with the help of God, her family and various positive influences, she is determined to prosper. She is currently a Junior in the School of Nursing, working towards her Bachelors of Science in Nursing, and will graduate as a registered nurse.

Kiarra Givhan

Emory  University

My name is Kiarra Givhan and I am 19 years old. I am originally from Memphis, Tennessee, but I attend school at Emory University in Atlanta, GA. I am a psychology major with a minor in religion. I aspire to receive my PhD in clinical psychology so that I may go on to work with adolescents. I believe that is a critical time in a person’s life and having someone there for support can make a world of difference.  Being introduced to new experiences is something I live for. I like trying new things because if you never try something, you don’t know whether you like it or whether it is good for you. A person won’t know wont know of all the happiness life brings if the person doesn’t know what strife life can bring. I embrace them both.

Raymond K. Smith III

St. Augustine’s University

Raymond K. Smith III is a sophomore majoring in Engineering Mathematics at Saint Augustine’s University. Raymond is an active member in the National Society of Black Engineers (NSBE) and the (STEM) Club as well, which stands for Science Technology Engineering, and Mathematics, Ralph Bunch Society, and last but not least he is a Peer Mentor. Raymond is currently studying abroad in China at Nanjing Normal University and conjunction with North Carolina State University. His research focus is the architecture of Shanghai Financial Center. After completion of graduating in 2015 Raymond looks forward to graduate school to pursue a dual Masters/PhD in Chemical Engineering or Civil Engineering. 

Justin Williams

St. Augustine’s College

Justin Williams is currently a full-time student at Saint Augustine’s College, where he has been enrolled since 2010. He is majoring in Engineering Mathematics and has career aspirations of becoming a computer software engineering. To that end, he is an active member of (NSBE) National Society of Black Engineers. Justin also is a running back for the Saint Augustine’s College Football team, where he continues to play for the passion he has for the game. As a spring 2012 initiate, Justin is one of the newest active members of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity Incorporated. Justin a Woodstock, Georgia native is the son of Bonnie Bailey and Rome Williams. When he is not studying or playing football, he enjoys volunteering at the local elementary school after school program and surfing the web.

Horange Holgate

Johnson C. Smith University

Horane Holgate is an international student from Jamaica pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology with a minor concentration in Sociology at Johnson C. Smith University.  He is a rising junior graduating in May 2014. Following his undergraduate studies he plans to pursue a masters and doctorate in Social, Education or Developmental Psychology. His academic interests include gender education, ethnic minorities, and education policies. While growing up in his home country of Jamaica, Horane was recruited by Johnson C Smith University and given a full academic scholarship. He is also a member the institution’s Men’s Track and Field Team among other organizations. In 2011, Horane attended the Carolina Conference for Aging where he and colleagues presented their research on daily hassles experienced by elderly caregivers with medication administration. He also participated in an independent research project in fall of 2011 which examined the influence of emotional stability, diligence, and quality of quantitative study habits on quantitative anxiety, among college students.

Owen Reedy

Grambling State University

My name is Owen Lee Reedy and I am from small town in Arkansas called El Dorado.  I graduated high school in May of 2010 and immediately following enrolled at Grambling State University.  I am currently a Junior Chemistry and Biology double major.  I plan to use every opportunity that I can reach and get the maximum experience from it.  At Grambling I am a CMAST program participant and I also participate in numerous activities, club and organizations around campus.  I am a member of NOBCChE and Alpha Phi Omega National Service Fraternity.  After I receive my bachelors I plan to go to a larger university and take part in a Doctoral program in a field of chemistry of my choice. 

Andrea Osborne

Hampton University

Born and raised in California, I now am a rising senior Biochemistry major at Hampton University in Hampton Virginia. I have always enjoyed science and technology and want to continue to learn through out my life. Currently I am in the process of deciding which path I want to choose after college. I believe that a career in research would be beneficial and rewarding for both myself and society as a whole. I am excited to participate in this program and learn more about what research and a PhD have to offer. 

Candice Brown

St. Augustine University

Candice Brown is an Engineering Mathematics major at Saint Augustine’s College. Upon her graduation in 2014, she plans to attend graduate school and receive certification as a Project Manager and Professional Engineer. Her interest in engineering has led her to participate in the re-activation of the Saint Augustine’s College chapter of the National Society of Black Engineers by serving as the current President.  In addition to her involvement academically, she very much active on and off campus. During the spring 2012 semester, she served as the Student Liaison on the General Education Committee for the College’s Transformative Educational Project. As the appointed Student Liaison, she gave vital input and suggestions from the student’s perspective that will be reflected in a newly revised General Education Curriculum which will be a part of the college’s transition to Saint Augustine’s University. Her leadership capabilities do not end there, however. Candice has also served as a Peer Mentor and secretary of the college’s chapter of the Ralph Bunche Society. When not serving her college community, she looks to assist her greater community by working as an After-school Counselor at Worthdale Community Center with elementary school students. Candice, a native of Charlotte, NC, is the daughter of Willie and Erica Brown and big sister to Jazmin and Lenzi Brown. In her free time, Candice likes to work as a NCHSSA Basketball Official as well as fulfill her duties as a proud member of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Incorporated.

Samantha Whitaker

North Carolina A&T State University

Hello, my name is Samantha Whitaker and I am 20 years old. I am a rising senior at North Carolina A&T State University and I am majoring in Biology with a minor in Chemistry. I plan to attend medical school to pursue a career in neurosurgery to which my ultimate goal is to be the CEO of my own hospital and later a professor of neurosurgery. I also plan on performing research on a sexually transmitted disease known as herpes and how it negatively affects the nervous system of the body to one day develop a cure for this disease. I am elated at this opportunity to learn about research methods and I look forward to collaborating with others.

Mallory D. Felder Jr.

St. Augustine’s University

Mallory D Felder Jr. was born on December 13th 1984 in Charlotte, North Carolina to Mallory and Deborah Felder. He has won numerous awards for sports and academics to where he has become a local respected icon. With the love of sports he turned his attention to impacting his community by coaching the youth at his old middle school in Charlotte, North Carolina. Now he continues his journey at Saint Augustine’s College where he is maintaining a 3.4 GPA and majoring in Accounting and Finance. He has managed to stay on the Deans list and received many awards for academics in the Business Department, along with the honor of being in Who’s Who for Excellence plus becoming a CIAA Scholar Athlete. Aside from the Academics he tutors for Academic Achievers and worked in the College’s business department as a Treasury Accountant Assistant. With all these accomplishments he is still pushing to go further by getting a Masters in Business Administration then work toward his Doctorate in Teaching. Eventually he plans to put what he learns from the 2012 Stanford University Gateways to Science and Mathematics program by teaching and continuing to helping the communities around him.

Lakia Mansell

Claflin University

Lakia Mansell is a native of Greenville, South Carolina. Currently, she is a senior Biology major with a double minor in Chemistry and Education at Claflin University in Orangeburg, South Carolina. Lakia is an active member in the Public Health Alliance and the American Chemical Society. Post graduation, she plans to attend graduate school to obtain her masters in Science Education and Ph. D in Education Administration. The Merck Scholar has performed scientific research in the laboratory for the past two years that focuses on esterfications and Nuclear Magnetic Reasonace (NMR).  Lakia aspires to open a chartered high school in an urban location that specializes in the STEM subjects.

Motto: “Your ATTITUDE affects your ALTITUDE”!

Jada Henderson

Hampton University

Originally a Peach State resident, I currently hold residency in Hampton, Virginia as a second year Biochemistry major, Humanities minor at Hampton University. My most immediate ambitions are to successfully complete my tenure at my undergraduate university and enter a bio-medical graduate program where I will earn a PhD in pharmacology. Ultimately, I aspire to create affordable cures, medications and vaccinations for presently christened "terminal" diseases. I am eagerly anticipating the coming summer and the opportunities that await me at Stanford's Gateway Program

William Wagstaff

Stanford University

My name is William Wagstaff and I am a premed Senior from Buffalo, NY at Stanford University majoring in African and African American Studies and doing a masters in Curriculum Studies and Teacher Education with a focus on Undergraduate Science Education. I am active member of the Stanford community serving as a preceptor in the Leland Scholars Program (a bridge program for URM premed incoming freshmen), a program coordinator at the Black Community Services Center, a research intern in the Han neurology lab, member of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity Inc., and I am the current student body Vice President. My goal is to pursue an MD/PhD and enter academic medicine.

Fred Vaughn

Hampton University

My name is Fred Vaughn. I was born and raised on the south side of Chicago, IL. I graduated from Seton Academy high school in South Holland, IL. I am an electrical engineering major entering my junior year at Hampton University. Upon graduation I plan to receive my MBA. A passion of mine is helping others. Outside of school, I am a youth football coach and a peer panelist for a high school scholarship program. I have also been an electrical engineering intern at the McDonald's U.S. headquarters the last for summers. I am really excited for this opportunity and once in a life time experience at Stanford University!